Skin Series: The Spring Facial

Spring is the in-between friend, the kind that you can never quite predict where to fit in your social circles. Sometimes she’s cold, sometimes she warm, but mostly she just rains on the parade. Your skin during spring is the same. A respite from a harsh winter brings with it issues like flakiness, and even rosacea and acne. On the flipside, warmer temperatures can create build up, and increase dryness during this time of year. The Essentials: Deep cleansing, exfoliation & peels Why? The same way you shed your winter parka for a lighter trench, your skin needs help renewing itself for a better complexion and better hydration. Expert tip: “Spring is all about hydration, and not just for our skin, but everywhere. I always tell my clients to keep a bottle of water by their desk to remind them to drink up. Water is essential for good skin. For […]

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