No ‘Mo Moustache: Parting Ways Made Easier with Our Men’s Essential Facial

Posted: November 24, 2015 | Post Categories: Elmwood Spa Blog

November: the month when your girlfriend groans at the sight of your moustache no matter how impressive it is, while your buddies bump fists and marvel at its beauty. Yes, the feedback may be conflicting, but props to you for participating in the Movember movement –a great cause that raises funds and awareness for men’s cancers. But as the month winds down, it’s time to reach for the razor and say “hasta la vista” to the Handlebars, wave goodbye to the Walrus, and bid au revoir to the Regular Mo.

And after you’ve parted ways with your ‘stache, why not treat yourself to a Men’s Essential Facial at Elmwood Spa? Not only is it a great reward, but you can keep contributing to the cause. Elmwood Spa will be donating $25 from every men’s facial enjoyed in the first week of December! It’s a win-win you can’t refuse.

If facials are a first for you, here’s what to expect:

The Space at Elmwood Spa: In business for over 30 years, Elmwood spa has tons of experience and knows how to take care of guests. But don’t worry, the space is great for men and women so you won’t feel like you’re crashing a girls’ day out. In fact, you can lounge around and make this your man cave! Hop in the hot tub, grab a beer from our fully licenced juice bar, or check the Leafs’ latest score in the change room, we’ll allow it!

Men’s Essential Facial (50 min, $109): customized for your skin type, our facial hydrates the skin, clears blackheads and alleviates ingrown hairs so your skin is left clean and smooth –the perfect post-shave treat. The best part? You get to kick back and relax. That’s right, we do all the work so you can put aside your buzzing devices, forget about paperwork, and get meetings out of your mind. Just a heads up, you may fall asleep! After all, with a choice of a scalp, hand or foot massage, we can’t blame you for dozing off.

Reap the Rewards –Reasons for a Facial: Aside from allowing you to relax, a post-shave facial has many benefits!

  1. Gets rid of the grime: though it can make you look worthy of a GQ cover, facial hair attracts oil, dirt, dust and pollution. A good facial will remove all these skin stressors so you’ll be ready for your close-up!
  2. Combats breakouts: shaving can irritate the skin. It can leave you with a bump here and there, and aggravates breakouts and acne. A facial can soothe and make you look (and feel) blemish-free and like a million bucks!
  3. Takes care of wear and tear: Shaving can be a little rough even of the most tolerant of faces. Enlarged pores, dry skin, and flakiness are all part of the game. But feat not, a facial can keep them at bay!
  4. At Elmwood Spa, all facials include complimentary use of our Water Therapies (swimming pool, whirlpool and steam room); so stick around and enjoy.

Tips, Tricks, and Spa Etiquette: For best results, we recommend that you shave at least two hours before your facial. If it’s your first time at the spa, please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment so you can fill out a universal health form–it will be stored in a safe and secure system. When you’re all set to start, you can slide into some slippers and comfy robe courtesy of Elmwood Spa. For a complete list of things you should know, visit our Spa Etiquette Page.

Make sure to book an appointment and reward yourself for being such a good moustache-wearing sport this month! Call 416-977-6751 or book online.