Date Night: Maple Bacon Popcorn

Posted: October 08, 2015 | Post Categories: Elmwood Spa Blog


Chef Ian Penny from our fourth floor restaurant The Terrace shares his recipe for Maple Bacon Popcorn that he enjoys with his wife.

It’s perfect for a night at home, and indulgent enough to put the microwave popcorn on hold.


Recipe: Maple Bacon Popcorn 

It can be done two ways.


1cup of unpopped popcorn—1/2c rendered bacon fat (saved from breakfast maybe)
1/2c maple syrup.

  • If the popcorn is popped in a air popper. drizzle warm bacon fat (double smoked is better) and maple syrup over top.
  • Old Fashioned: Get a good pot with a lid and put the bacon fat in the pot till almost smoking hot. Add the maple syrup and popcorn. Cover and shake until the popcorn has finished. Note: Better to stop with some still to pop rather than wait to get all popcorn popped because the maple syrup can burn!