Tying the Knot: Your Go-To Wedding Guide!

Posted: June 10, 2019 | Post Categories: Elmwood Spa Blog

Walking down the aisle is a pretty big deal. You’re taking the first steps towards the rest of your life. But before you get those pretty heels moving to the altar, there is a whole planning process. Where do you even start? Roenna Tara of All Things Pretty is answering the most common questions that brides-to-be have!

Q:  How long in advance should you start planning?

A: As soon as possible! However, I always recommend a 1,5-2 year engagement so that you can bask in that newly-engaged bliss before you start experiencing the stress that comes along with the planning process.

Q: What is a reasonable budget?

A: The budget is relative to your guest count. As a general rule, the venue should take up about 40%-50% of your total budget. But always be realistic. Start off by working out how much money you have available and are willing to spend, then stick with it as best you can. Of course, the more guests you have, the grater your budget so always keep that guest list in mind.

Q: What are some alternatives to wild nights out for a bachelorette?

A: You can do a quiet getaway to a nearby winery for the weekend, a few nights at the cottage, or even get pampered with a spa day. The days leading up to the wedding can get pretty hectic, so it’s definitely a good idea to unwind and get pampered as much as you can before the big day.

Q: What is a nice gift for your bridal party?

A: Bring part of a bridal party can be pretty expensive. I always think it’s a nice gesture to treat your bridesmaids to either the dress, hair, and/or make-up for the big day so that they don’t have to add that to their budget.

Q: How do you de-stress during the planning process?

A: There are a number of things you can do!

  1. Take Breaks: Step away for a few minutes or hours and come back to it with a clear mind.
  2. Stay Organized: stay on top of things and make sure you delegate! Let friends/family help.
  3. Select the Right Vendors: partner with professionals that you genuinely like and trust. Take the time to do your research here.
  4. Hire a planner: They will help get everything together for you in terms of venue, vendors, and doing all the leg work so that you can focus on what truly matters –yourself and your partner.

Q: What is your number one piece of advice for couples who are about to get married?

A: Remember why! Whenever things get stressful, take a moment to remember the reason why you are planning the wedding to begin with.

Roenna Tara is the Founder and Creative Director of All Things Pretty Inc.  Specializing in all things bridal, she not only takes great care in making her clients look but also feel their best on their special day. All Things Pretty Inc. is Toronto’s premier multifaceted bridal and entertainment amenities boutique with an emphasis on providing exquisite beauty and event services.