Belt Tightening Leads to More Conscientious Gift Giving

Posted: December 18, 2008 | Post Categories: Media Information

Many consumers this holiday shopping season are wondering whether Gift Cards are still a safe choice for holiday gift giving; will businesses that issue the cards actually still be around in the New Year to redeem them?

With 27 vibrant years in business under their belts, and having recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation, Elmwood Spa and Bangkok Garden proudly and eagerly pursue their goal of enhancing the well-being of the world, one guest at a time.

Picton says, “Many of us remember the 80’s and having survived and thrived through that recession, we understand what people need. More and more consumers are looking for gift choices that go beyond ‘stuff’. People are tightening their belts. They’re tired of consumerism and are looking for gifts that offer an experience; something that is environmentally friendly and has a human side – something good for the soul.”

Picton says spa services are an ideal gift because they nurture a person’s body, mind and spirit. There’s a growing consensus that most of us don’t need more stuff, but many of us do need time away time to look after ourselves in ways that make us more resilient to things like job stress and economic turmoil.

“Our organization is working from strength to strength. I don’t think there’s any other spa in the country of this size and calibre that has the longevity and stability that we do. With our renovations complete, we offer a refuge from the stresses of every day life. Spa treatments really do help people – physically, psychologically and emotionally. Many of our guests had told us that, “Elmwood Spa is the only place where I can truly relax and enjoy “me time”! says Picton.

Elmwood Spa caters to women and men who want stress relief and relaxation in a serene atmosphere. It is an ideal place to gather with friends, to celebrate milestones, to reconnect with a loved one, or to use as ones own destination for stress relief and self-renewal.