Avid Cyclist and Spa Newbie Becomes a Fan after Discovering the Exclusive Royal Siam Massage

Posted: October 24, 2008 | Post Categories: Elmwood Spa Blog

Not sure whether to choose a Thai massage or a Siam treatment? Relax; your life just got simpler because the best of both worlds have been combined. The Royal Siam Massage, a regal spa treatment offers a full 105 minutes worth of table-based care for knotted limbs and stiff tendons. It features the energy-line bodywork of a Thai Massage combined with the stimulating heat of an herbal compress, body scrub, and Deep Siam pressure work.

The payoff: your senses will be roused by a heady mélange of herbs and spices, and your muscles will unwind, not to mention the limbering effects of strategically applied heat.

Avid cyclist, Rick Palosi, a thirty-something urban male, was looking to address real health concerns and have an overall sensory experience that would help him to relax and escape from everyday demands. Rick knew that his calves and joints needed some serious care after sustaining chronic aches and pains due to a grueling cycling regimen.

After seeking relief through acupuncture in a clinic setting, Palosi was ready to consider a spa; a less clinical setting where alternative methods for addressing muscle strain and bodily re-alignment can be explored.

Palosi quickly discovered the perks of having a massage at Elmwood Spa. “I found the water therapies very appealing. They were a nice prelude to my massage and were an integral part of eliminating any anxiety I had. I came an hour before my treatment which allowed me to use the whirlpool and relax in the men’s change room, watching the flat screen TV.” Rick also noteed that Elmwood’s Guest Services staff are very
friendly and co-operative, which added to his overall comfort.

Gwen Hayes, Senior Manager Sales & Marketing at Elmwood Spa says, “Everyone has different levels of mental, physical and emotional stress, and going to a spa is essential because it gives a fresh approach to healing and finding harmony within a hectic lifestyle,” something Rick’s comments back up.

“One of the differences between a clinic and a spa is that the aspect of time is eliminated. I never felt rushed when I was at Elmwood Spa.” Palosi said. “In fact, once my treatment started, I lost track of time all together. In clinics, there is often a line-up of clients who need to be seen, and knowing there’s a line-up can translate into the therapy. Clinics have their place for fixes, but for a healing experience for mind, body and spirit, the spa is the way to go. In my opinion the spa is a destination, because there’s more to it than just getting muscle therapy done. I find clinics more of a means to an end.”

When asked what he was expecting from a spa service Palosi pointed out that besides the actual service itself, the amenities, locker rooms, and the understated and unfussy’ ambiance at the spa made the whole experience much easier.

Hayes says that décor at Elmwood Spa is a big part of the ambiance and the attraction for men. Elmwood Spa prides itself on offering a serene and elegant ambiance with a light Thai influence, in a landmark historic building.

Palosi put it this way, “The decor and ambiance are important. Elmwood Spa is a place that makes a guy feel comfortable and that helps in bringing stress levels down.”

Palosi also applauded Katrina, his Registered Massage Therapist and creator of the Royal Siam Massage, for being very thorough and using various massage techniques. She used a percussive motion up and down my body and I was surprised at how revitalizing that was.” He also enjoyed the special focus on the feet and the
“pleasantly granular composition” of the exfoliating spice scrub.“ Towards the end, Katrina placed a cold, lemon-infused compress over my eyes. The contrast in temperatures was a nice surprise, and the citrus aroma cleared my nasal passages, which was an added bonus!”

Overall, Palosi found his visit to Elmwood Spa was very relaxing. “It introduced me to a fresh approach to healing and a new way to find harmony in my life”.

Would he repeat the experience?

“I can certainly see myself getting the Royal Siam Massage again and now I’m also interested in trying some of the other treatments.” Several days later, Palosi advised us that his loosened hamstrings said “thank you”.

Looks like the Royal Siam Massage was just what our cycling devotee needed. No doubt, he will be back on the bike and pushing those limits once again.