Zen Zone: Ten Tunes that will be Music to Your Ears!

Posted: November 01, 2016 | Post Categories: Elmwood Spa Blog

Music –it can evoke emotions, awaken the senses, and bring back memories. Whether you’re taking over the dancefloor with Drake, spending a rainy afternoon with Adele, or running to Rihanna, each track has its time and place. So what’s best to turn up when you want to zen out?

According to British researchers, “Weightless” by Marconi Union has the power to reduce stress by up to 65%! That news has us hitting the repeat button –and you should be too. It’s the perfect pre & post spa song to help you tune out the hustle and bustle of Toronto (just be careful when crossing the street or driving). But because (sadly) it’s only 8 minutes long, here are 10 more mellow tunes that we’ve complied to add to your playlist:

Strawberry Swing-Coldplay
The Traveler
-Talvin Singh
To the Sky-Dirk Maassen
Heart Murmur-Swan +Antler + Feldt
The Time to Sleep-Marble Sounds
Electra– Airstream
Flaws– Vancouver Sleep Clinic
8 (circle)– Bon Iver
Black Mambo– Glass Animals
Straight Into Your Arms– Vance Joy

So put in those headphones or crank up the stereo and chill out to our spa-like soundtrack. What’s you go-to zen tune?