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A body exfoliation with an oil-free body polish followed by a 45 minute therapeutic heated lava shell massage with seaweed massage oil blend. The shells from the South Pacific have a narrow edge for targeted deep work and a smooth rounded surface for even pressure and comfort. They are gently warmed through natural mineral energy and provide a long lasting deep heat that relaxes muscles and rejuvenates the mind.

*Lava Shell Massage is performed by a Registered Massage Therapist. Insurance receipt provided.

  • $215 • 75 minutes

Using the benefits of Infrared Sauna, Wild Organic Seaweeds from the Pacific Northwest, and Lava Shells from the South Pacific, our Spa Care Experts™ have developed the newest effective and sophisticated treatments for overall well-being and relaxation for mind and body. Because of their great penetration of good nutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals and trace elements, these three exclusive new treatments delay the aging process and provide a myriad of health benefits.