Host with the Most: Making Holiday Entertaining a Breeze!

Posted: December 06, 2016 | Post Categories: Elmwood Spa Blog

Do you hear that? Listen close: the sound of forks clinking to finish festive dinners, champagne bottles fizzing as they’re popped open, and grandma snoring…err, snoozing by the fireplace. Yep –those are sure signs that the season of holiday entertaining is here. And though having friends and family over has its perks (hello hostess gifts!), it can also be exhausting. Don’t worry though, we have tips and tricks to make sure that you’re the host with the most and can tackle it all. Here are three ways to make hosting a breeze:

Don’t Be Frazzled with Food: what’s the secret to making sure you’re cool and composed before everyone walks in? Prepare your food in advance or choose dishes that are easily ready. Don’t spend hours frantically trying to finish the items on your menu. Baking, frying, and all things hot are best to be avoided. Opt for a potluck, or buffet-style dinner instead. And if you need another option, we’re always happy to host you too!  Take a look at our Terrace Restaurant and Bangkok Garden group packages here, starting at just $15.95 per person.

Opt for a Comfy Outfit: Be mindful of what you wear –comfort comes first. With all the turkey, eggnog, and dessert, you’ll want to leave room for all those goodies. So part ways with those snug pants, and choose a flowy dress or culottes instead. If you’re daring, you can even try this sweater/sweatpants combo! That way, you’ll be able to focus on who’s gathered around the table rather than how uncomfortable you feel. To make things more festive, add a statement necklace or luxurious velvet jacket.

Pencil in Pamper Time: whether you run a relaxing bubble bath right before the guests arrive or stop by the spa a day before, make sure you treat yourself to a time-out. That way, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed as guests arrive. Try our Joy holiday package with Water Therapies (pool, whirlpool, steam room), a Guinot Foundation Facial, and 3 course lunch at the Terrace Restaurant for just $139. Pssst, it’s also available as a gift card so you can spread the cheer to the loved ones on your list.

With these tips in tow, you’re sure to have a less stressful holiday season!