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Age Intelligence Cellular Dual Eye Cream


These two eye creams designed to be used consecutively, help to reduce deep wrinkles and puffiness while fending off environmental damage. The phase 1 cream, fortified with a clinically proven ingredient, anti-oxidant and Swiss line’s Cellactel 2, acts on the cellular level, while the phase 2 cream containing a bio-molecular skin patch provides protection against bacteria and toxins on the outermost surface of the epidermal layer. In addition to every day use, the creams can be used after a dermatological procedure or plastic surgery to boost the skin’s restorative capabilities.


  • For all customers concerned with deep wrinkles around the eye area and/or chronic puffiness. Suitable for all skin conditions including sensitive skin. Can be used before and after any dermatological or plastic surgery procedure to boost repairing/healing of the skin.


  • Protected and actively repaired, the eye area looks firmer, fresher and younger
  • Anti-aging benefits are triggered 24 hours a day as the delicate eye area is continually cocooned from urban stress factors, pollution and temperature variations.
  • Irritants are minimized and counteracted as the skin’s own repair capacity is maximized.
  • Cellactel 2 complex acts in synergy with all other ingredients to boost vital skin functions and revitalize cellular metabolism.



Using the spatula take a droplet of Phase 1 and smooth under the eye area, then work the spatula in circular movements and gently massage. With fingertips gently pat the eye area until the cream has been totally absorbed.

Follow with the application of Phase 2 to lock in the benefits in and lock out the aggressions. When following with make-up allow a few seconds for Phase 2 to set before applying make-up products.


Proceed the same way as for application of Phase 1. There is no need to apply Phase 2 at night.