Swiss Line: Cell Shock Facial Brightening Essence


Much more than a classic tonic-lotion, the new and sophisticated formula of Facial Brightening-Essence will become a much-needed addition to your skin care ritual as it enhances the effectiveness of all other products, keeping natural exfoliation levels high and addressing signs of pigmentation.


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Apply every morning and evening immediately after your usual cleansing steps, before application of a serum and / or a cream
Pour a few drops onto the palm of the hand and smooth over face and neck avoiding the eye area (no need to apply with a cotton pad!)

-Visibly brightens and freshens the skin
-Encourages optimal exfoliation and skin renewal
-Intensive antioxidant power to counteract pigmentation darkening
-Enhances make-up and reduces signs of fatigue

AHA BOTANICAL BLEND: A concentrated combination of bilberry, sugar cane, orange, lemon and maple that is rich in natural occurring AHA, and particularly lactic, glycolic and citric acids. The blend was shown, in vivo, to increase cell renewal, safely exfoliating dead cells for skin that appears fresher, more even and brighter.
AURA-LIGHT CELLULAR CULTURE: Bio-engineered extract of Meadow Bistort that has a tremendous impact on the optical quality of the skin (inner reflection of light). This plant extract produces a significant increase in the expression of newly found proteins (perlecan and dystroglycan) which are related to skin evenness and microcirculation; factors responsible for skin brightness that are not dependent on skin pigmentation alone. Together with the bistort extract, a purified cell suspension from Wooly Thistle grants an anti-inflammatory action and helps treat skin imperfections linked to hyper-seborrhea and hyper-pigmentation. The culture acts on multiple fronts to refine pores and decrease pigmentation, limiting sebum production, increasing skin desquamation and lightening melanin deposits. By acting on all these processes, Aura-Light Cellular Culture can slow down pore expansion and give the skin a smoother aspect while conferring a lighter, more uniform and even appearance.
OCEAN-MATRIX WATER: Comprised of sea water and a lyophilisate from a red algae (Porphyridium cruentum), this offers remarkable skin smoothing effects, reducing roughness while acting like a protective barrier. Reproducing its natural function in the marine medium, the red algae improves water content in the stratum corneum. This mechanism allows an improvement in cutaneous micro-relief. As a result, skin is sublimated and imparts an even reflection of its inner luminosity.


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