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Aqua Vitale Serum 24


The perfect tonic for dull, dry skin, this lightweight, non-greasy serum is instantly absorbed into the skin to begin the revitalization process right away. The fast-acting formula, containing powerful antioxidants, energy boosters, and hydration binders, relieves the discomfort of dryness, tones and comforts the skin, while additionally improving radiance.

Skin conditions:

  • Anyone concerned with dehydration or lack of radiance and/or comfort.
  • All previous users of Force Vitale Moisture Revitalizer Serum.


  • An effective combination of hydration binders, antioxidants and radiance boosters target dry, dull, stressed skin 24 hours a day.
  • Hydration binders impart excellent short and long-term hydration by counteracting the Trans Epidermal Water Loss and Trans Epidermal Urea Loss.
  • Rice and pomegranate extracts with strong anti-free radical properties reduce oxidation on a cellular level (offering DNA protection).


How to use:

It is suitable for all skin types, so it should be applied every morning and night under your usual moisturizer.


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