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Spa Packages Toronto: Retreating is not Running Away

Looking to escape from the stresses of urban living, sneak away for some nurturing, or give the gift of renewal to someone who deserves it? No need to run away from the city to enjoy luxurious spa packages. Toronto has Elmwood Spa—an urban oasis right here close to home.

To take full advantage of spa packages, Toronto residents and visitors may want to plan to arrive early and slip into the steam room, soak in the whirlpool, or do a few laps of the pool. Enjoying Water Therapies is the perfect way to acclimatize yourself to the spa and to prepare your body to accept the benefits of the treatments you’ll receive.

The rejuvenating properties of tea have been designed right into our spa packages, because tea hydrates and is power-packed with antioxidants, and because the ingredients in each ElmLine tea have been specially chosen and blended to support a particular experience and outcome. We serve tea that will help prolong the benefits and key sensory elements of your time at our Toronto urban destination day spa.

Retreats include Water Therapies: use of whirlpool, swimming pool, and steam rooms. Services and items to take home cannot be substituted within a package. Massages included in Packages or Series are not discounted by the Registered Massage Therapist.

Treat yourself today. If you’d like to know which spa packages or spa retreat in Toronto might be best for you, please contact a Guest Services Representative today at 416-977-6751 or toll-free at 1-877-284-6348.

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**NEW: Now you can luxuriate in an overnight stay with our two new Toronto Spa Packages with the Eaton Chelsea Hotel. Whether you want to revive your romance, enjoy some girl time or indulge in a refreshing break during your next business trip, these Toronto Spa Packages are designed to help you relax in the heart of our great city.