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Spa Massage – Toronto: Take Some Time for a Relaxing Escape

If you’re seeking a soothing, relaxing spa massage, Toronto is the place to be whether you’re a local resident or an out-of-town guest. Massage therapy relieves tired, sore muscles, alleviates pain and tension and improves circulation so you feel and function better. All Elmwood Spa therapeutic massage treatments are performed by Registered Massage Therapists, which may be eligible for coverage under your health care benefits. So set your mind free and surrender to the power of the human touch. And for out-of-towners, after your spa massage, Toronto offers a multitude of sites to see. Click here for details on our Ultimate Massage Series: Purchase 4 Massages and Your 5th is On Us.
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Elmwood Spa Perk: Use of Water Therapies (swimming pool, whirlpool, steam room) is complimentary with massage services.

= Signature Services

Hot Stone

Warmed basalt stones, used in conjunction with Swedish massage techniques, radiate a soothing heat that encourages deep relaxation of the muscles and the mind.

80 mins • $169

For Two: 80 mins • $348


Fragrant essential oils combined with a Swedish massage produce dramatic results. You may choose an oil to build up your immune system, to be soothed, invigorated, energized or rejuvenated.

50 minutes • $119 | 80 minutes • $169

For Two: 50 minutes • $248 | 80 minutes • $348

Deep Tissue

Ideal for athletes and others who place strenuous demands on their bodies . A deep tissue massage can be customized to target problem areas, ease stress and muscle pain, and increase circulation.

50 minutes • $119 | 80 minutes • $169

For Two: 50 minutes • $248 | 80 minutes • $348


This popular, therapeutic massage can be customized to help increase circulation, relax aching muscles and reduce fatigue. Swedish Massage noticeably reduces lower back pain, neck pain and recurring headaches.

20 minutes • $59 | 50 mins • $109 | 80 mins • $159

For Two: 50 mins • $228 | 80 mins • $328

Bamboo Massage

Heated bamboo stalks combined with essential oils and customized massage pressure relieve stress and stiffness, and work out tension deep into the muscles. Increases circulation and decreases muscle spasms.

75 mins • $169

Oxygen Massage

Our bodies need oxygen to rid the body of toxins, viruses and disease. This treatment with oxygen inhalation (20 minutes) helps with jet lag, and increases oxygen into the bloodstream to promote circulation. Leaving you energized and revitalized.

50 mins • $119

Pregnancy Massage

A safe, soothing treatment for women in their second and third trimester who are experiencing a normal, healthy pregnancy. Relieves fluid retention and pressure due to weight gain, encourages healthy circulation, and promotes restful sleep patterns.

If using Water Therapies, only pool is recommended.

50 minutes • $119 | 80 mins • $169

Thai Massage

This ancient form of Thai bodywork incorporates gentle yoga-style stretches and guided breathing, with choreographed movements to attain fluidity and balance of motion. The technique sends energy freely along the sen pathways (energy meridians), removing tension and facilitating a healthy physical, mental and spiritual balance. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for freedom of movement.

75 minutes • $169


Reflexology targets the thousands of nerve endings in each foot. Stress is reduced, the body is brought into a more balanced state, and you experience a deeply relaxed feeling throughout your entire body. Reflexology provides a boost to the immune system. Ideal for those who suffer from chronic headaches and asthma.

50 minutes • $119

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese healing therapy that uses acupressure to stimulate the body’s energy meridians, helping to relieve pain and strengthen tissues. Eases stress, headaches and indigestion, and enhances the body’s ability to naturally restore itself.

50 minutes • $119 | 80 mins • $169

LI’TYA Kodo Body Massage

This rhythmic massage, inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques uses a combination of pressure points and spiraling movements to ground and uplift, leaving the body’s energies ‘laughing with joy.’ A choice of aromatic oils will rejuvenate, harmonize or detoxify. Includes smudging and Quandong hair treatment.

60 minutes • $169

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Deep Siam Massage

Targets muscle pain, stress-induced muscle tension, fatigue and even recovery from the common cold. Features a heated Thai herbal compress which restores and redirects energy while the herbs and essential oils repair the body by balancing the senses, calming the nerves and revitalizing the skin and tissues. Herbs used in the compress include lemon grass, good for asthma, plai which relieves cramping, tumeric, which reduces inflammation and Kaffir lime which has detoxifying properties.

75 mins • $169

For Two • 75 mins • $348

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Lava Shell Massage*

A body exfoliation with an oil-free body polish followed by a 45 minute therapeutic heated lava shell massage with seaweed massage oil blend. The shells from the South Pacific have a narrow edge for targeted deep work and a smooth rounded surface for even pressure and comfort. They are gently warmed through natural mineral energy and provide a long lasting deep heat that relaxes muscles and rejuvenates the mind.

75 minutes • $169

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*Lava Shell Massage is performed by a Registered Massage Therapist. Insurance receipt provided

Four Hands Massage

Two massage therapists work on your body to soothe tired muscles and release tension. With a four hands massage, you lose your point of reference and are completely immersed in a state of deep relaxation.

50 minutes • $169

Fire & Ice Massage

Smooth hot and and cold shells are glided over the body with varying pressures combined with Swedish massage techniques. The contrast of hot and cold shells stimulates the blood vessels to dilate in the tissues, infusing them with fresh blood and nutrients, which are essential for healing. This treatment detoxifies and cleanses by stimulating the lymphatic system, improving circulation, reducing water retention and removing toxins.

50 minutes • $119


Reiki is a holistic therapy that brings about healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This non-touch massage, which is every bit as powerful and effective as a hands-on treatment, uses gentle healing methods to channel energy through the body to reduce stress, restore balance and create a profound sense of well-being. Insurance receipt is not provided.

50 minutes • $109

Plan to arrive early to enjoy Water Therapies before your treatment and consider adding lunch at the Terrace Restaurant or dinner at Bangkok Garden to make it an occasion to remember.

Elmwood Spa has several Couples Rooms available and you are invited to inquire
about our Royal and Sapphire Couples Suites. These suites book up quickly and are available on a first come first serve basis at an additional charge of $10. Request at time of booking and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Beamed ceilings and gables in our historic building have been retained in these two rooms, creating cozy spaces that help create a special mood. Fireplaces in these two rooms may be used from October to April.